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Physiotherapy in Palmdale

Helping patients who have been hurt in auto accidents or on the job is our exclusive focus at Suarez Toutoundjian Chiropractic Corp.. You will get the same expert care at our offices in Bakersfield and Burbank, as well.

In addition to outstanding chiropractic care, we incorporate physiotherapy into each of our patient’s overall care plan to address soft tissue damage and help ensure proper and complete healing.

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy consists of adjunctive healing modalities that are used to help soothe inflammation in the body after either a traumatic accident or cumulative damage. While chiropractic focuses on restoring proper alignment and motion to the spinal joints, physiotherapy is directed at the muscles and soft tissues.

By combining physiotherapy with chiropractic in your comprehensive care plan, we can help your body heal faster and get you back to your pre-injury status.

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Our Therapies

With over 20 years’ experience providing care for patients who have been hurt in accidents, we know which therapies work best for each different situation, and we tailor your care accordingly. Our physiotherapy modalities include:

  • EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation): Muscle stim increases vasodilation, allowing blood to flow into the damaged tissues to help speed healing and stabilize the area.
  • Ultrasound: This therapy works to break down scar tissue and adhesions, decrease inflammation and increase mobility. It relaxes the muscles so that we can do your chiropractic adjustment more easily.
  • Massage: Using a massage gun, we work on specific muscle groups that are tight to break up scar tissue, decrease inflammation and relax the muscles before your chiropractic adjustment.

All of our therapies help to reduce your pain and inflammation, and all are done prior to your chiropractic adjustment. When your muscles are more relaxed, we do not have to use as much force in your adjustment, so it is easier and more comfortable for you. It can also help your body “hold” your adjustment longer.

Part of Your Comprehensive Care Plan

Physiotherapy is not offered as a stand-alone service; it is included as part of your overall chiropractic care plan.

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